Frozen Genetics - Embryos Available

Only the most elite females, each one having produced at least 6 consecutive calves, starting as a two-year-old, with proven track records, have make it into our Embryo Program. Download "Embryos Available" PDF

Lasater Beefmaster 6369

A 2006 model, Lasater 6369 is highly fertile and functional. The ideal cow in a multi-trait selection program. We have embryos from her by Lasater 8208.





Lasater Beefmaster 9720

A 1999 model, Lasater 9720 is a Pacesetter within BBU. The qualifications of the Pacesetter program require a female to have her first calf on time, produce a calf that is the near the top of its contemporary group, and continue to do so in future production years. The Pacesetter program is designed to recognize hard-working, productive cows. We have embryos from her by Lasater 8208, Lasater 0192 & Lasater 7261.



Lasater Beefmaster 3795

A 2003 model, Lasater 3795 was raising her 8th consecutive calf when we decided to harvest her embryos. We have embryos from her by Lasater 0192, pictured to the right.